ITV show Cash Trapped is still being absolutely rinsed by The Chase fans


The 5pm slot on ITV has taken a battering in recent weeks after The Chase was replaced by new Bradley Walsh quiz show Cash Trapped.

The inferior replacement was hit by a swarm of tweets from fans of The Chase when it first aired last week, but things are still very bleak for the show across social media.

While big bad Brad is still the host of the substitute game show, fans have begged ITV producers to bring back their favourite tea-time show, as "it just isn't the same".

Cash Trapped has actually already been on the box before after having a stint back in 2017, but people are still baffled by the show's concept.

The programme sees six contestants go head to head by answering questions in four different rounds until one finally escapes in the final stage.

But it just isn't cutting it for fans and viewing figures have been dropping every single time it appears on the box.

The tweets are pouring in and as we speak, #CashTrapped is a number one trending topic in the UK – but for only bad reasons.

Anyway, I'm going for a brew and to not watch the last 20 minutes of Cash Trapped. Someone give me a bell when The Chase is back.

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