Just to let you know, it’s ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’ next week


One of the greatest work days of the year is almost upon us and we couldn't be happier about it. That day is Bring Your Dog To Work Day and it's all for a great cause.

Employees across the country will be encouraged to bring their beloved hairy friends into the workplace on 21st June and to top it off, that day is a Friday! Boom.

The special day is all in the name of charity and people who participate will (hopefully) be raising money for two animal welfare charities – which are All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia.


However, participants are welcome to fundraise for a charity of your choice, if there is one close to your heart.

Of course, you'll need your employers permission if you want to join in the fun – but surely your employer doesn't have a black hole where their heart should be and will be perfectly fine with it.

Jo Amit, founder and organiser of the campaign group, said: "Many scientific studies have concluded that the presence of pets can substantially reduce a person’s stress level in the workplace.


"Increased job satisfaction, team co-operation and morale have all been reported in employees that spend the workday with their pets. In fact, a study published by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management (2010) concluded that the presence of dogs in the work place even had a positive effect on those employees who didn’t have a dog of their own.

"So in addition to raising funds raising funds for animal welfare charities, Bring Your Dog To Work Day is likely to boost the productivity and happiness of the employees within your company."

But that's not all! You can win a £100 doggy goodie bag if you donate £10 or more to Bring Your Dog To Work Day and once you have donated, your pooch could end up on the website's Dog with a Job Hall of Fame.

To find out more about the best day of the year, check out the website linked above, and we hope your BYDTWD is a joyous occasion!

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