Liam Gallagher tweets his support for Love Island’s Ovie

Fans of Love Island will already be aware that Ovie Soko is one of the greatest humans to ever grace our television screens.

Even if you hate Love Island and everything it stands for, watch a clip of the basketball star and you’ll soon agree.

Now Manc legend Liam Gallagher has also officially joined Team Ovie, tweeting his support for him last night.

This comes as Ovie was praised by viewers for how he saved his partner India from the massive argument between Anna and Jordan in the latest episode.

The 28-year-old calmly removed India from the situation, as it all blew up around them.

Liam must have been watching, as the Oasis star tweeted shortly after the episode aired, writing: “Ovie Ovie Ovie Oi Oi Oi LG x”

Well if Noel doesn’t want to get Oasis back together, maybe Ovie can step in...

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