Lidl is selling a trumpet in its middle aisle and it’s dividing people


You have to hand it to Lidl. The whole 'Middle of Lidl' thing is a truly charming bit of branding. 

The marketing team have developed a funny, memorable moniker for the centre point of each supermarket where staff dump all the miscellaneous stuff that doesn't belong in a fridge or freezer.

It's an aisle that contains "the non-food items you don’t know you want". And there are no limits to what you might find on any given day.

Just ask Davie Reilly - the Twitter user who stumbled across a trumpet during his Lidl shop the other day.

The image has enjoyed more than 30,000 likes and over 3,500 retweets since appearing online - along with a number of comments from curious social media users.

As Davey pointed out in his original post, purchasing a trumpet right now is a surefire way to turn your neighbours against you - and a closer look at the image shows that trumpets aren't the only instruments for sale in this supermarket right now.

According a sign in the background, flutes and clarinets are also available.

The Middle of Lidl. It's just the gift that keeps on giving.


You can view the original post here.

If you're planning on hitting Lidl for a trumpet, be warned that beginner brass players tend to splutter and screech like a boiling empty kettle.

Learning to play music is an amazing thing. But if this is your instrument of choice, you'll need to mentally prepare yourself for an inevitable verbal assault from Frank next door.

Let us know if you find any other Middle of Lidl gems during your next visit...

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