Londoner says Manchester is ‘crime-ridden blister with ideas above its station’

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Some dickhead from London has gone in on Manchester via a poorly written article slagging us off.

Apparently Manchester is a 'crime-ridden blister with ideas above its station', and they can’t wait to get out of here - the article was written a few years ago so hopefully they’ve long gone back down south, the cunt.

The bitter southerner starts by saying they’d worked and lived in Manchester for the past three years, adding that: “thankfully I’m finally getting the hell out with a long awaited transfer back down to London.”

They then continue to talk shite about our great city by claiming it has the highest ‘rate of robbery in the UK and one of the highest in the western world’, before adding: “a house is burgled, a person mugged, and a car torched every few minutes of the day.”

Besides the very dubious accuracy of their claims, the person also says they're from London, where there is a lot of crime - something they seem to be ignoring.

They continue:

Manchester has developed a few ugly tower blocks in its centre along with a tatty tram system and they suddenly think they are rivalling world cities such as London and Barcelona. It is laughable. The city is ugly and soulless; violent crime and robbery are spiralling, and as ever, the streets are littered with cat shit and chippy wrappers, blowing around under grey skies.

But what terrible experiences has this person undergone to make them feel this way?

Apparently they had their car broken into a few times, had a bag nicked from the pub, saw some people having a fight in town and tried to use a cash machine but it was covered in vomit - the poor darling.

They finish by writing:

I can’t wait to get away from this nasty, chavvy blister of a mill town. They get loaded up on Eccles cakes and Boddingtons and become even more bitter and hateful. For fucks sake, don’t mention Liverpool in conversation (I’m an LFC supporter), they go fuckin berserk. Don’t mention being from London, or in fact, liking anywhere that isn’t Manchester. It’s a very dangerous and unfriendly place, full of ugly buildings, and an uber-super race of evil chav monsters.

Ahhh a Liverpool fan, well that explains it then… and who the fuck drinks Boddingtons?

If you want to read the full article, click through here and prepare to get pissed off.

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