Man allegedly breaks into van, leaves his phone behind, gets Facebook hacked


This is social justice at its finest and sums up 2020 quite poetically.

A man in Newton Heath allegedly chased off a would-be car thief on Monday evening after catching him in the act breaking into his van.

Unfortunately for the alleged robber, he left some evidence at the scene – his mobile phone and his driver’s license. Literally everything you need this day and age in order to research someone’s entire existence… and that’s exactly what happened.

This story, however, has twists and turns which have been keeping thousands of Facebook users entertained over the course of Tuesday, after the van owner discovered the phone he’d found at the scene had no passcode and plenty of evidence of who the would-be robber was – which included photos and screenshots of other burgled vehicles in the area, and a Facebook account. I’m sure you can guess what’s coming next.

It all started with a post from a friend of the van owner… (Please note that we have blurred out all names and identities for legal reasons).


Shortly after this, the would-be thief’s Facebook profile is logged into and a barrage of posts are sent out that we will refrain from including in this article. Let’s just say, they caught the attention of Greater Manchester residents far and wide for good reason.

Summing up the situation perfectly, one Facebook user wrote: “Do yourself a favour and have a suss of this flog’s Facebook page.

“He has been breaking into vehicles and stealing sh*t, attempted to steal a blokes van, got chased, but the bloody idiot left his wallet with driver’s licence and his phone on the passenger seat, now the guy who he tried stealing from is using his Facebook and it’s the best read on the internet.”

Of course, all of this continues to remain alleged, and is not proven as fact just yet – we will update this article when we know more.

But that didn’t matter when the would-be thief noticed what was happening to his Facebook profile…

Then it escalated. A lot.

As the drama unfolded in front of the public, hundreds of people flooded to the Facebook profile, tagging their mates and sharing the gossip with anyone and everyone they could. Every post made from the profile was, and still is, instantly shared and commented on by hundreds.

One Facebook user posting on the wall of the profile, wrote: “Swear I’ve never laughed so much in my life! Thanks for the add– never said that to anyone in 7yrs.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Newton Heath

It’s not often you get to see the aftermath of a crime in real time, and in North Manchester, people are quite used to poking their heads round curtains to watch their neighbour have a straightener with someone for parking outside their house – so this was primed and ready to become drama of the year in North Manny.

And if the alleged crime has been reported, we suspect it won’t be long until there’s a knock at someone’s door (if it hasn’t already happened).

I think the moral of the story is quite self explanatory – and if you don’t believe in karma after reading this, you surely do now.

Please don’t ask us for the names and identities of those involved in this story – they wish to remain anonymous. We have reached out to Greater Manchester Police for comment.

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