Man calls 999 because ‘substance’ he bought in bar was low quality


Protecting the public is only half the job for police.

The rest of the time, they’re left dealing with bizarre requests that fall well outside their remit.

The time a distressed man claimed that sheep were out for revenge after his family had eaten lamb for dinner springs to mind.

Or the moment when a guy rang the bobbies to demand a DNA test as he suspected his partner was sleeping around.

Ingy The Wingy/Flickr

But this one really is another level.

Greater Manchester Police reported this morning that one disgruntled individual got in touch overnight to complain he hadn’t gotten his money’s worth for a ‘substance’ he purchased in an unnamed city centre bar.

When police arrived and asked questions about the ‘substance’ involved in the transaction, the man suddenly became coy and refused to provide any further information.

At least GMP saw the funny side; suggesting perhaps the “diet coke was flat”.

Yeah, we’re not so sure this chap’s going to get his money back…

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