Man missing the pub builds the ‘Furlough Arms’ in his back garden during lockdown

Hot Off The Press Designz

This man has used his time on furlough to his advantage by building a back garden bar in just six days.

Is this warm weather we’re having making anyone else just simply miss beer gardens?

Bit of a silly question really, of course we’re not the only ones. There’s just something about a bev in a beer garden that’s magic, right? Yes, a bev in the back garden is the next best thing and we’ve become quite fond of that too, but we’re still missing the pub.

One man missed the pub so much, he decided to bring the pub to him by using his time on furlough to build his own back garden bar, aptly called the ‘Furlough Arms’, and it’s just really impressive.

Pictures of the ‘Furlough Arms’ have been shared by family members across social media over the weekend.

A post by his son to the popular Facebook group FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS yesterday understandably went viral, amassing well over 11,000 interactions and hundreds of positive comments from people praising his work and sharing their equally impressive crafty creations too.

Hot Off The Press Designz

Hot Off The Press Designz, a custom printing company based in Norwich that supplied the branded design work for the pub, also proudly showed off her Dad’s crafty work in a post that read: “My dad has been using his time on furlough to give his garden a makeover, so I made a sign & a matching T-shirt to finish it off!”

“Looks bloomin AMAZING.”[0]=68.ARAjwMAn_OFntqBE-EqzWD2A7DebgtWfwfHAEGdP0HDIMRvR33hOhNFtFqKjVk82dTMSrkDZ5BRUndIMrlBpIqfqI-0-_GU0-amva7o5RDVvptePFw7jZtiQ8RCOnUDfqEZnxY9S8WUNbu0jFeTDy5QEbK57TM0XNqeBKlw8xobx5ErtOegEi6FPmRao3RDqT0cH09hHSA_TY0L8y7qzB3sGkzGP_0yP3R7T4S78LUOEfucwg9dKyPlvoepc-HRPmVzjwUo4iY0dDbUBJ0QA5V82D1qjSnajRd9IjNg0YPKolJifB7Pw3b6XZq8d6oVGSonB1JWhMPlE1P2sD9ZU_ULksA&__tn__=-R

Isn’t it just brilliant?

Those six days of hard work really were worth while.

With pubs currently shut nationwide, building back garden bars during lockdown seems to be bit of a trend at the moment. People have been creating their own drinking dens and what began as a humorous little time-killing exercise, has evolved into a competitive, professional-looking practice. Let’s face it though, we think we’ve found the winner here.

We’re off for a drink at the ‘Furlough Arm’s when all this blows over.

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