Man tries to avoid Airport parking charges by picking family up from hard shoulder

techboy_t / Flickr

The parking charges at Manchester Airport are just daft, but there’s no escaping them.

Having to fork out that money before jetting off is a sure-fire way to start your holiday on a sour note, although that feeling quickly subsides as the sun, booze and relaxation hits.

But instead of just having a moan to his family or mates and getting on with his day, this driver decided he was going to try and play the system.

GMP Traffic / Twitter

According to police, the driver of an Audi S3 attempted to circumnavigate the £4.50 fee by parking up on a nearby hard shoulder to pick up his family.

So far so good, but the driver was then approached by officers on the airport slip road, who discovered he had illegal plates and no insurance. Whoops...

The motorway police reported him for all three offences and seized his vehicle.

The tweet from the GMP Traffic account reads:

Audi S3 was stopped on the hard shoulder of the Airport Spur. Driver wanted to avoid parking charges, collecting family. Spoken to by #ME54 who also noticed his illegal plates & checks revealed he also had no insurance! Vehicle seized. Reported for all 3 offences

A crafty plan, but one that is ultimately going to cost him a lot more than £4.50.

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