Mum shares hilarious failed attempt at seeing the sunrise on her birthday

Natalie Stones-Johnson

A mum has gone viral on social media over the weekend after sharing a hilarious story of her birthday wish to watch the sunrise on a local beach with her family.

With birthday celebrations tending to be quite a bit different at the moment during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Natalie Stones-Johnson, from County Durham, wanted to do just one simple thing to mark her special day – watch the sunrise on a beach with her family.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go to plan though.

In a now viral post to the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group yesterday, Natalie told of her unfortunate sunrise mishap at Crimdon Beach and also shared a hilarious picture of her family at the scene. The post read: “Thought I would share our sunrise epic fail.”

“Today is my birthday and the only thing I wanted to do was to watch the sunrise on the beach with my little family. I stayed up all night (I’m not a morning person so thought it better to just fight through) woke everyone up at 3.30am and out the door by 3.45am.”

“Clear skies just as forecast. 30 min drive to the beach and this what we saw when we got there!”

“Absolutely gutted. My children hate me for making them get out of bed to witness this.”

“I have this image in my head like all you have been sharing. We definitely made a memory, but not the magic I hoped for. Suppose you have to laugh and we weren’t the only family there wasting a good night kip”.

Gordon Hatton / Geograph

Whilst her family might be a little tired, it wasn’t all doom and gloom though.

Not only did the post go on to amass over 8.8K interactions, but to make this whole story even better, it also lead to Natalie unexpectedly receiving hundreds of birthday messages and well wishes from people at all four corners of the globe, helping brighten the misty start to her day.

One comment read: “Oh no, how disappointing. You’ll be laughing about this for years to come. Just maybe not yet… Happy Birthday”.

Another said: “You made the effort and that’s what counts, you’ll all probably remember it more and laugh about it! Happy Birthday”.

“Happy birthday, one you’ll never forget, a great story one day for the grandkids.” replied another.

Speaking to The Manc, Natalie said: “It’s a little bit surreal that I have had literally hundreds of birthday messages from all around the world, which I did not expect”. She also admitted that despite everything, she “actually did have a really lovely day in the end” and took the time to thank everyone who had reached out to her.

Her post continued: “[I] had a little nap, then a chill in the garden and a family BBQ, followed by some time in the hot tub and a movie outdoors. Not sure if I can convince the family to give it another go, but we made our memory. It just wasn’t as picturesque as some.”

“This is a birthday I’ll never forget… thank you all so much.”

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