Mum’s post on Facebook about young daughter being dumped goes viral

Jenny Tompkins

Young love really can be brutal and no story proves that more than this one.

One Mum has gone viral after sharing a post on social media of how her young daughter had just been dumped by the little boy next door who she had been in an “on / off relationship” with for the past six months or so.

Jenny Tompkins took to Facebook to explain how she actually ended up landing herself in a bit of hot water too after helping 8-year-old Millie try to get over her break up and lift her spirits a bit.

Now, this story is just too brilliant not to share, so get ready for a proper roller coaster ride.

Jenny’s post reads: “I’ve spent the last hour or so comforting my 8yr old daughter Millie.”

“For the last 6 plus months, Millie has had an on / off relationship with the 7yr old little boy next door. (I don’t want to use his real name so I’ll call him Joe Bloggs). Obviously they’re far too young for a real boyfriend / girlfriend relationship but they’d play together, occasionally hold hands, and blow each other kisses over the hedge.

“All very cute and lovely.”

“Joe Bloggs has just dumped Millie from over the garden fence and she is HEARTBROKEN. We’ve had endless tears, lots of snot and lots of cuddles.”

“Now anyone who knows me, knows I’m not very tactful. I don’t do the whole mushy stuff, and I definitely don’t sugar coat s**t”

“Had this been one of my own girlfriends who had been cowardly dumped by her fella, I’d have known exactly what to do. I’d have wiped her tears, poured her a glass of wine and told her in no uncertain terms that she absolutely had to f**k his dad. Unfortunately when you’re dealing with an 8yr old with a glass of apple juice at a picnic table…. Not appropriate.”

“I chose to just let Millie vent her feelings. I let her be upset, I let her be angry and I sent Daddy to the shop for some chocolate.”

“Joe Bloggs had revealed to Millie that he was dumping her for another girl. Apparently, they’ve been talking lots and he’s in love with her and when they’re all “growned up”, they’re going to have lots of babies.”

“When she started to calm down, I wanted to try and make her smile.”

“To try and make Millie giggle, I got out the pens and paper and we drew a picture of Millie AND Joe Bloggs’ new girlfriend. We drew Millie as a princess and the new girlfriend all ugly and icky. We gave her a snout for a nose and googly eyes and Millie even gave her a big hairy face.”

“By the end of the picture Millie was beaming and back to my happy little girl”

“It was only when Millie declared she was off to give his new ‘girlfriend’ the picture herself that I was suddenly confused…”

“Turns out Joe Bloggs’ new girlfriend is Millie’s 8yr old sister Vienna”

“Millie took great pleasure in showing Vienna the picture that her AND MUMMY had drawn of her, including details of how Mummy said she probably ate worms for breakfast, has hairy toes and bogies in her ears”

“One 8yr old is my best friend. The other 8yr old poured her juice into my cuppa and called me a meanie fathead.”

“Joe f****ing Bloggs has a lot to answer for and Mummy has making up to do whilst trying to keep the peace between sisters.”

Well, talk about a plot twist.

We definitely didn’t see that one coming.

Since sharing the story on Facebook, the post has amassed well over 34,000 interactions, 20,000 shares and 9,000 comments from others not only saying that the tale made them smile, but also telling of similar and equally hilarious experiences in their lives.

All we can really say is fingers crossed that the girls have managed to build their bridges now and there’s no more hard feelings between them, although that can definitely be much easier said than done in situations like this.

At least it’s given us all a laugh if nothing else.

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