New doner kebab and pulled pork flavoured Pringles spotted in UK supermarkets


Eagle-eyed shoppers have spotted two new varieties of limited edition Pringles and people are already going mad for them.

These new limited edition ‘Doner Kebab’ and ‘Pulled Pork Burger’ flavoured Pringles were said to be found on supermarket shelves in Sainsbury’s, although it has not been confirmed where abouts in the country.

Popular food-spotting Instagram account @newfoodsuk, dedicated to “finding the newest UK foods & treats”, took to the platform this afternoon to share with its 146K followers the news of the new Pringles sighting at their local Sainsbury’s store.

Shared just over an hour ago now, the post has already amassed well over a hundred comments from people tagging their friends and seeming eager to try them for themselves.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a couple of cans of these limited edition Pringles, then it’s looking like a trip to your local Sainsbury’s store is probably your best bet, as a quick search on their website doesn’t seem to show them listed at this moment in time. This also means that pricing is unclear too, but with all other Pringles varieties retailing at just £2.50 (200g can), you shouldn’t be expecting to pay much more than that.

We’re also lead to believe after searching online that there’s a ‘Sweet Chilli Kicker’ flavour as part of this limited edition range as well, but we’re not sure if this variety has returned to UK stores or not.

It’s advised to always make sure you check the opening times for your local branch before making any trips to stores across the country.

You can do so via the Sainsbury’s store locator here.

If you’re not nearby to a Sainsbury’s, then don’t worry. There hasn’t actually been word yet to confirm if these are a Sainsbury’s exclusive, so be sure keep your eyes peeled at wherever you next shop for your essentials.

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