New study finds Ford drivers are the worst in the UK


In news that may or may not surprise you, a new study has found Ford drivers to be the worst in the UK, based off number and frequency of penalty points.

Leading automotive retailer Peter Vardy, took data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the DVLA recently, along with results from surveying 2,000 British motorists, and found that 44.6% of Ford drivers currently had points on their licence, which is more than any other brand of car owner.

Their new title means they’ve taken the not-so-coveted crown off both Audi drivers, which previously came out on top in an alternative survey, and BMW drivers, which have been voted as the most hated drivers on UK roads. No surprise.


The study also revealed the top 10 reasons why Brits are pulled over/prosecuted, where in the UK the best and worst drivers can be found (Manchester coming in at a decent seventh place on the list we might add) and even studied gender and age as contributing factors to driving behaviour.

Look, we know this is probably a bitter pill to swallow because we all like to think we’re the best drivers going don’t we? Like prime Lewis Hamiltons, but according to Claire Rogan, digital marketing manager at Peter Vardy, this is very much a part of the problem.


She said: "The research shows that, on average, UK drivers perceive their own driving skill level as higher than those around them, which when combined with the number of drivers admitting to having penalty points on their licence, indicates that we may not be quite as attentive behind the wheel as we'd like to think".

"Whether you have just passed your test, or have been driving for years, it is important to not allow your own perception of your driving skill to cloud your judgement.” she added...

So let’s face it, if you drive a Ford, just do us all a favour and be a bit more careful mate, alright?

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