Nine-year-old girl hands thank you notes and treats to ‘awesome’ emergency staff

Eva Davies

A nine-year-old girl has been handing out chocolates and thank you notes to police officers in Lancashire to thank them for their hard work.

Police in Chorley and Preston have been finding handwritten notes on their cars along with plenty of chocolate to get them through the day

The sweet gesture is the work of Eva Davies, who has been praising officers for "working extremely hard" by either handing the notes to officers or leaving them on their windows.

Chorley officer Paul Elliot recalls the moment he was handed an envelope during Chorley's football match against Dagenham & Redbridge.

Addressed to emergency service workers, her note said: "You do alot of amazing things and work very hard! All I can say is Thank You!" from, Eva davies (age 9). P.S. enjoy the sweets."

Her letters were left alongside Crunchie, Dairy Milk and Double Decker chocolate bars. Good choices.

In total, Eva penned 12 different letters to NHS and police staff after she was moved by a YouTube clip of NHS staff and police officers doing their job.

Her dad Gary, 40, said: "The police dropped me an email last night and said they'd like for her to come in and have a look around."

"They said they'd maybe try and make some time to go and see the police dogs and the mounted police, which she'd love."

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