People are convinced the Trafford Centre has a secret floor

Jonathan Palombo/Wikimedia Commons

The Trafford Centre is even bigger than it looks, if rumours are to be believed.

For the past two decades, shoppers have been granted access to two tiers of stores, as well as a cinema set up on level three.

But the peculiar layout of the shopping centre, coupled with a row of unexplained, fully-covered windows, has led to some whispers about a secret fourth floor hidden away within the complex.

These rumours recently resurfaced through Reddit, when user DazRave snapped an image of the Trafford Centre’s furtive floor and posted it online.


"I always wondered what the windows were which sit high above the second floor and it always bugged me why you have to go up two flights of stairs to get to the Cinema from upstairs in the Orient," commented the user in a thread titled: 'TIL The Trafford Centre has (essentially) got a hidden floor for future shops'.

"Apparently this is because the Trafford Centre already has the infrastructure to implement an entire new row of shops across the entire main building,"

DazRave then went on to quote the shopping mall's developer, John Whittaker, who himself claimed that the Trafford Centre was built to be "future-proof" with the infrastructure designed specifically for fast, easy expansion.


The Trafford Centre has denied the existence of a clandestine level, but people remain completely intrigued by the prospect.

One Reddit user even went as far as suggesting developer Whittaker has his own office within the dome:

"Fun fact, as well as the infrastructure for extra shop floors/stock rooms, there are corporate offices hidden within these upper levels for Peel Group, and John Whittaker apparently has an office within the Dome part of the trafford center [sic] including an apartment which he occasionally stays in, theres also a private airfield not too far from the mall which he uses when he comes over from his little tax haven now and again," commented refeiks.

Some conspiracy theories really are on a whole other level...

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