People over 70 ‘shouldn’t be allowed to vote’, says ex-Apprentice star from Manchester


An ex-Apprentice star has divided opinion with her comments on voting rights for over-70s.

Joanna Jarjue, from Manchester, appeared on Good Morning Britain today to argue that anyone over 70 should have their vote taken away from them.

The 25-year-old went on to say the younger generation are having to withstand issues that are ‘so much harder’ than the ones older people dealt with, like climate change and Brexit.

Joanna appeared on GMB alongside Stanley Johnson to debate the issue, after a recent poll found nearly half of 16-34 year olds wanted people over 70 to be banned from voting, as they might not have to live with the consequences.

Stanley responded by calling her comments ‘insulting’, adding that 70 isn’t that old these days - host Adil Ray reminded Joanna that Jeremy Corbyn and David Attenborough would be banned from voting under her proposals.

Joanna said:

We have talked about what potential repercussions there could be with Brexit and it could take the next 10 years, 15 years, maybe a whole generation. I think for a lot of older people and pensioners, you’ve been through a period where it was cheaper for you to buy houses, your wages were better... but we are trying to withstand things that are so much harder than your generation, so then to put Brexit on top of that, and to actually see that the younger generation predominantly didn’t want it.

It’s fair to say her comments didn’t go down well with viewers, who took to Twitter to have their say:

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