People really don’t know how to feel about the John Lewis Christmas advert

John Lewis

It's that time of year again when the John Lewis Christmas advert hits screens and people lose their sh*t in some way shape or form.

This year, John Lewis is counting on an excitable baby dragon called Edgar to win the heart's of the nation and he's doing a great job at it – kind of.

The campaign is fronted by a 10-year-old actor called Ruby – who had to act alongside a stick and plastic model in place of the animated Edgar, who was created using CGI – but there are some pretty strong reviews of the new film across social media.

Watch Edgar the dragon in joint John Lewis/Waitrose Christmas advert

Some people really don't like it, and took to Twitter to let their feelings be heard, with one person saying they'll be "f*cking sick of it in the morning" in a Tweet that probably reflects half of the country. I mean, the air time this advert gets is next level, let's be honest.

Obviously, the advert has fans, in fact if we're being honest most people seem to like it. But those people also seem to be middle aged mums who love Frozen and don't care if it seems to have a similar plot to the Disney film...


...unlike these people, who are just a few of MANY who are taking to social media to spew venom at JL for even contemplating a similar premise.

Whatever you think about the John Lewis advert, it never fails to start a conversation, and that's exactly what they want! We take our hats off to them.

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