People who struggle to get out of bed are smarter than everyone else

If you’re the type that stumbles into work late after staying up watching Game of Thrones then this is for you. It turns out you might actually be smarter than the rest of us.

We’re always told that those who go to bed early and wake up at 5am will end up as tech wizards and billionaires. But according to a study, this might not actually be the case.

The study ‘Why night owls are more intelligent’ argues that people who sleep in are no less successful than anybody else. It says that in fact, people who sleep in are more intelligent and creative.

The paper also says that people who sleep until later have a larger mean income and are more likely to have access to a car. They are also likely to live longer.

The study says:
356 people (29%) were defined as larks (to bed before 11 pm and up before 8 am) and 318 (26%) were defined as owls (to bed at or after 11 pm and up at or after 8 am). There was no indication that larks were richer than those with other sleeping patterns. On the contrary, owls had the largest mean income and were more likely to have access to a car.

So there you are, treat yourself to just one more episode. We would recommend the critically acclaimed Chernobyl, it was recently named the highest rated show ever.

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