Piccadilly Gardens voted one of the best picnic spots in UK

Gerald England / Geograph

Don’t worry your eyes aren’t deceiving you, Piccadilly Gardens really was named one of the best picnic spots in the UK.

Some mad bastards from London thought the city centre eyesore would be a good place to sit down with a lovely selection of food and spend some quality time.

Yesterday Olive Magazine tweeted a picture of New Islington Marina - I guess that’s close enough to Piccy Gs for someone who’s never travelled further north than Barnet - advising people to pick up a slice of lemon and poppy seed cake and head down to Piccadilly Gardens.

Olive Magazine / Twitter

The London-based publication described the known drug hotspot as 'a bustling spot close to the creative Northern Quarter', urging readers to stick to the ‘inner city gardens’ if they don’t want to escape the city.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to tuck into a delicious spread next to the charming Berlin Wall, dodging drug dealers and aggressive drunks?

People were quick to call them out for their absolutely insane suggestion:

After receiving a barrage of tweets informing them that they were wrong, so very wrong, Olive deleted their original tweet, and have now removed Piccadilly Gardens from their article list.

Next time southerners, how about you actually leave London and visit some of the places you’re suggesting. Just a thought...

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