Poundland’s ‘filthy’ new advert leaves Twitter users speechless


We now live in a world where multi million pound companies have realised it helps to be a little edgy on social media.

Some do it well, some don't. At all. However, Poundland don't fall in the latter bracket.

In the spirit of 'Santa banter' they have just put out a tweet that is getting quite a lot of attention.

Poundland on Twitter

Posting a photo of a woman looking quite pleased with herself, the tweet reads: "For a friend who loves a good finger! Cadbury's Fingers - £1 #SantaBanter."

The response is as you'd expect, with multiple twitter users 'bracing for the PC brigade' to turn up and spoil the party.


The genius tweet is getting some serious traction at the moment and puts Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers in front of the masses quite perfectly. It's actually made me want a cheeky finger, to be honest.

One twitter user replied with a 'speechless' GIF, while another said: "What about friends who enjoy a whole fist?" Brilliant.

We're going to watch how this one blows over. Hopefully nobody gets in trouble.

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