Someone’s made a Twitter thread of weird primary school memories

The nostalgia is leaping out from the screen and it’s reminding us all of the good ol’ days whilst we’re stuck in lockdown.

How’s about this for a trip down memory lane then?

Primary School is a time that the majority of us look back on fondly. A time of play, laughter and often very little responsibility. It’s also hard to deny that it was a bit odd too in certain respects and now someone has taken to Twitter to make a thread that proves this exact point and it’s really taken us back.

Okay, so it’s actually a US-centred tweet thread by user @melmadara bringing back “weird memories from elementary school”, but it’s crazy to see that so many of these are relevant and apply to us here in the UK too.

Maybe it proves we all lived the same childhood after all?

We’re sure you’ll remember a few of these.

Perhaps this is what finally helps unite the UK and the US then? Maybe bizarre primary school memories can help us put aside all those silly differences that seem to be knocking about at the moment.

Well, maybe not, but at least it was nice to reminisce.

We can’t help but feel like there’s a distinct lack of a ‘playground parachute’ and painting your hands with PVA glue, just so you could let it dry and then peel it all off in this thread though, right? Oh, and Arctic Roll.

Actually, we could be here all day.

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