The lizard man of Manchester’s Metrolink has been spotted again


If you travel on Manchester's Metrolink system then you've probably seen some pretty random things on your daily commute... like a man with a giant lizard on his head.

Twitter user 'choduk' was one of those people yesterday after he bumped right into that very person and stuck a photo of him on social media.

The tweet aptly read: "Just a bloke with a lizard on his head on the Metrolink. Welcome to Manchester."

But this isn't the first time lizard man has been spotted as he was snapped back in October with the same lizard perched on top of his bonce.

Passengers, who were heading towards Eccles, apparently jumped out of their seas when they saw the scaley good boi during rush hour – who seems to be a very well behaved passenger, we must say.

Have you seen lizard man on the Metrolink? Or anywhere else? Let us know, because we need answers!

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