There’s a ‘game-changing’ space bar iPhone hack going viral on Twitter

Bagus Hernawan / Unsplash

We’ve been spending a lot more time staring at our phone screens in lockdown.

Facebook has been inundated with high traffic. WhatsApp message rates are through the roof. Zoom use is at an all-time high.

But despite all that extra use, it appears one nifty little function on the iPhone appears to have been missed.

Earlier this week, actor Charlie Condou posted a tweet of an old clip from the Live with Kelly and Ryan show in the states; which shows the two hosts revealing a trick that has seemingly escaped a lot of users until now.

Instead of furiously moving your finger across the screen to amend an error in your messages, you can hold down the space bar and use it as a cursor; moving it back and forth to pinpoint the part of the sentence you want to correct.

The mood on Twitter was a mixture of astonishment and incredulity – with viewers praising and teasing Condou in equal measure for his revelation.

Some were delighted to learn about the game-changing function. Others were baffled that more people weren’t aware of it in the first instance.

So, now you have another excuse to go look at your phone – to test the technique out for yourself.

Not that you needed one.

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