These colourful LED toilet bowl lights make your loo unmissable at night

ToiLight / Amazon

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Father’s Day is right around the corner, but what do you get the Dad who’s got everything?

You’re probably familiar with that question. It’s a question that so many people ask themselves each year, multiple times in fact, and then before you know it, the big day’s here and you’re clambering around trying to find something to get them last minute.

This year, amid these global pandemic times, you might also be finding yourself questioning whether the gift you buy could be classed as an essential purchase and whilst it’s a tough line to walk, we’ve found a novelty toilet seat light on Amazon that we think walks that line pretty well.

Going to the toilet is essential, that’s obviously a fact. This just makes it a little more fun.

The Original Toilet Bowl Night Light by ToiLight is designed to make you “never get woken up by a bright toilet light again”. According to the product description, “ToiLight activates automatically when you approach the toilet bowl, illuminating it in a pleasant way that soothes you and only lights up when it’s dark” which is great for people who take a toilet trip multiple times a night.

Each light has eight colour settings to choose from – blue, red, pink, green, baby blue, purple, yellow and white – and even has a colour rotation mode too.

ToiLight / Amazon

It’s really easy to install, has an energy efficient and sanitary design, and fits to any model of toilet.

It doesn’t just have to be a Father’s Day gift though, we reckon this’d make going to the loo a lot more exciting for children as well. According to the product description, “kids love the colourful toilet” and it helps to “make potty training fun” too.

It also mentions that “it’s very useful for the elderly” as well and states that “the toilet can be the most dangerous room in the house, especially if you leave the lights off at night to prevent sleep interruption, so ToiLight is the perfect automated solution that prevents midnight accidents”, which is another great use for it that we hadn’t initially considered.

Who would’ve thought a novelty gift could have so many useful purposes?

ToiLight / Amazon

The ToiLight retailing at just £12.99 + postage/packaging, it’s ranked as an ‘Amazon Bestseller’ product and has thousands of positive 5* reviews from plenty of satisfied customers over the years, so if you’ve been trying to decide whether it’s worth the buy, then have a read of a few of those to help make you’re mind up.

It’s also eligible for Amazon Prime delivery for those subscribed to the service.

If this sounds like it’s the perfect gift to light up Dad’s life, or someone else you know, then you can get the Original Toilet Bowl Night Light by ToiLight from Amazon here.

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