These might just be the rudest street names in Greater Manchester

We’ve all got a bit of smutty humour in us.

That’s why it’s impossible not to smirk when we spot a roadside double entendre.

Juvenile? Perhaps. But it keeps us feeling young.

Back in 2015, TimeOut Manchester actually set out to hunt down the most obscene-sounding street names around the county - and they came back with some absolute corkers.

So here they are: the must-visit roads for the filthy-minded in Manchester…

Holebottom – Ashton-under-Lyne

No ifs or butts, the person who titled this Ashton street must have been a real pain in the backside.

What a farse…

Johnson Fold Avenue - Bolton

Ignore this street sign.

Do NOT fold your Johnson.

Wham Bottom Lane – Healey, Rochdale

Bet there are some seriously sore backsides residing on this bizarrely-named street in Rochdale.

Flapper Fold Lane – Atherton

This street is cat-nip for the drunk crowd.

Picture it: Out with your mates, more than a few drinks inside you, someone points out there's a sign for Flapper Fold Lane. Game over.

I wonder if people in Atherton have stopped finding it funny yet?

Hardicker Street – Levenshulme

The slower you say it, the funnier it sounds.

Try it.

Broadbottom Road – Hyde

Ooh, there's a place for portly rumps in Hyde, apparently.

Nut Street and Back Nut Street – Brownlow Fold

Nuts do come in pairs, I suppose.

Cock Clod Street – Radcliffe

This one just sounds unpleasant.

Cock Clod? Urgh.

Nob End - Bolton

The most unfortunate name for a nature reserve in the world, surely.

It’s impossible to ask “Fancy heading down to Nob End this afternoon?” without it sounding like a lewd come-on.

Helmet Street – Ardwick

Stop chuckling.

Ardwick’s street is referring to the headwear.

We hope...

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