This magician has a YouTube dedicated to revealing top magic tricks

Oscar Owen / YouTube

After exhausting all the online trends during the first 10 weeks of lockdown, you might be looking for a new hobby to pursue. Ideally one that doesn’t involve testing your general knowledge on Zoom quizzes or watching an endless stream of exercise classes.

So, how about magic?

Few people manage to evoke shock and awe quite like those with the ability to perform card tricks. And now there’s a way to access the prestigious knowledge required to join the mysterious elite of magicians.

Oscar Owen is an illusionist who shares the secrets of the magic trade on his YouTube channel, teaching viewers how to master card tricks that defy belief.

The magician covers a wide variety of techniques in his videos – including methods for turning coins into cards, boxes, making items disappear, changing the colours of cards with a snap of a finger, and even causing objects to levitate.

The description on his video 12 VISUAL Card Tricks Anyone Can Do states: “Each card trick is very visual to perform and they don’t require much practice. That being said, make sure you get a mirror and do practice performances in front of that before you go and show these tricks to other people. Lots of different card tricks are covered in this video.”

It continues: “I will teach you how to palm a card, how to do a colour change, how to lap a deck of cards and we even use advanced gimmicks to create some really deceptive vanishes. If you have any questions, then leave a comment below and I will reply to you as soon as possible!”

There’s a huge catalogue of footage included the series, including a trick that seemingly fooled Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Fancy transforming yourself into a magician during lockdown? Head over to YouTube to learn more.

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