This McDonald’s Happy Meal hack will save you money and your kids will love it

Andy Penn

Is getting to McDonald's a nightmare with your kids? Does it cost you a pretty penny every time? Well, this genius hack will sort you out.

A post currently going viral on Facebook by dad Andy Penn explains how to pretty much have Maccies Happy Meals on demand at home – and it's really simple.

In his post he writes: "Parenting tip from me. Next time you’re at McDonald’s, ask the staff nicely for some spare packaging (they don’t seem to mind when you explain)."

Andy Penn

"Then, when your child wants a happy meal and you can’t be bothered to leave the house, or wanna save the pennies, you can just make them up one at home... Just don’t forget the toy!"

Andy's version of his home made Happy Meal looks great, too.

Andy Penn

Not only does it save you travel money, whether its fuel or taxis that get you there, it also saves you the chaos of a McDonald's and the cost of the meals you'd usually have to cough up for.

Of course, you'll have to visit a Maccies and ask for the packaging, but with the excessive amounts that restaurants order, most should happily oblige.

Andy Penn

Most of the products Andy bought to make his custom Happy Meal are Asda's own, including Asda's own chicken nuggets, french fries and a strawberry milkshake.

Perfect, just don't forget to grab a ton of sauces while you're there!

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