This pillow has been designed to make spooning better for everyone

Does spooning with your significant other feel a little… off?

Is it less romantic and comforting than you always imagine it to be in your head?

As it turns out, dead arms and hair in the face don’t have to be part of the spooning deal anymore.

A Twitter user has shared an image of a specially-designed pillow with a carved-in tunnel for arms… and people are going nuts for it.

User @PhysioNiyii brought the world’s attention to the creation, writing: “I think this innovation should be welcomed by everyone irrespective of selfish desires”.

The tweet has struck a chord with couples across the social media platform; racking up a whopping tens of thousands of retweets since appearing earlier this week.

Looks like there’s plenty of people are looking to take their spooning up a notch.

According to the original poster, the spooning pillow is available online from AliExpress – although Amazon also appear have their own version.

Bedtime looks set to change for the better.

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