Woman drunkenly ends up in Ibiza after christening got out of hand

Rachael Wynne / Facebook

I’m sure you’ve all had a drunken night that got a bit out of hand, I know I’ve definitely had a few.

That said, I’ve never drunkenly boarded a flight to Ibiza after a christening like this woman did.

Rachael Wynn ended up on the Spanish party island last week after a particularly boozy day, with only the clothes on her back, her passport and a bank card.

Rachael Wynne / Facebook

The 32-year-old instantly regretted her decision to embark on a last minute holiday, when she quickly remembered she had work the next day.

On top of that, her spur of the moment trip ended up costing around £700.

Rachael, from Salford, had to explain to her boss why she wasn’t in work last Monday, August 19th, after drunkenly taking a taxi to Manchester Airport on the Sunday night.

Rachael Wynne / Facebook

After arriving at the airport, she bought tickets to Ibiza with Jet2, arriving on the island Monday morning at 9am.

Ah well, at least you’ve got a great story to tell your grandkids!

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