You can now get Slush Puppies in pouches that you can freeze at home


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Remember Slush Puppies? Of course you do.

Every kid in school used to order one whenever break time rolled around, but soon they were gone forever.

Health experts realised that too many unhealthy choices were on the lunch menus, and Slush Puppies were sadly among the first things to go as part of a nationwide canteen cull.

Some schools appeared to lose them forever. But now it appears they’ve been reborn.

In pouch form.

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Ice Puppie Pouches are being sold by the box over at Amazon – apparently made with “genuine Slush Puppie flavour”.

You can order a batch of eight (a mixture of Blue Raspberry and Strawberry flavours) for the price of £8.99 – with each pouch carrying 62ml of delicious slush.

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Fancy reliving the sweet taste of youth? These Slush Pouches ought to do the trick.

Order online from Amazon.

They’re also available in packs with twisty caps here.

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