Your old Disney VHS tapes could be worth £14,000


There’s probably a few of you of a certain age who clicked this link because you weren’t sure what a VHS is - well it’s an analogue DVD that you have to rewind if you want to watch it again.

For the rest of us who lived through the ‘90s, a golden era for low quality, rewindable entertainment, you’re probably here to find out if you’re sitting on a small fortune.

You might have kept them for nostalgia purposes, or you might actually still watch them occasionally - shout out to my mum and dad - but either way if you’ve got one of these Disney classics in your collection it might be worth parting with.


Some old Disney films are selling for a small fortune, with a set of 10 original tapes going for just under £14,000 on eBay at the time of writing.

The set includes some absolute masterpieces, such as Aladdin, Beauty & The Beast, Robin Hood and Cinderella, as well as the often slept on but equally entertaining Basil The Great Mouse Detective.

But these are not just any old VHS tapes, they’re rare special edition Black Diamond releases, which were sold by Disney between 1984 and 1993.


To check if your old videos are worth some serious cash, look for ‘The Classics’ logo on the upper spine of the case, which will have a black diamond round the outside.

And they're not the only tapes going for a lot of cash, with an original Beauty & The Beast on the site for a whopping $10,000, and a copy of the Little Mermaid being flogged for £6,874.30 at the time of writing.

Yep, it’s definitely time to dust off your old videotapes and get them on eBay.

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