‘90s kids are posting photos of their old school lunch boxes and there’s some classics

Melissa Cox / Twitter

Kids these days won’t understand the excitement of buying your lunch box for a new school year, heading down to Woolworths and choosing something to turn the whole class’s head.

If you were feeling super flush you’d even invest in the hottest pencil case on the market, maybe even a new calculator or ruler - I had one with all the British monarchs on the back, which I thought was absolutely mint at the time.

The most iconic of lunch boxes were always the chunky plastic ones, adorned with your favourite pop culture characters. And if you had one with a matching water bottle you were the king/queen of the playground.

Now ‘90s kids have been reminiscing of their old lunch boxes, after a woman called Melissa Cox kickstarted the ultimate nostalgia thread.

She shared a photo of her old lunch box, with the caption: "As it is September, 90s kids, do you remember what lunch box you had? A lot of us in the office had THIS beauty".

Melissa had the iconic Forever Friends box and bottle, which my sister also used to have - I’m pretty sure it’s still knocking about my mum and dad’s house somewhere.

The post quickly went viral and loads of people have now shared their boxes. Let’s take a trip down memory lane:

I had one of these red Thunderbirds boxes, and the day it finally broke still ranks as one of the saddest in my whole life:

Which lunch box did you used to have? Let us know in the comments...

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