The Manc - BrewDog is giving all office workers in Manchester two free pints this week"

BrewDog is giving all office workers in Manchester two free pints this week


The classic British tradition of the lunchtime pint is alive once again – and it’s all thanks to BrewDog. 

The multinational brewery is encouraging Mancunians to ditch their desks and pop into the pub for a couple of afternoon lagers this week – with all office workers able to claim TWO free drinks.

BrewDog will buy bevs for you and a colleague at their Oxford Road and Peter Street branches from Monday 25th to Friday 29th November, 12pm-2pm (with alcohol-free options available).


The craft beer chain’s Out Of Office campaign arrives off the back of research that reveals more than three-quarters of staff spend their whole lunch hour scoffing scran at their desks.

To spearhead the refreshing promotion, BrewDog have teamed up with Susanna Newsonen – the author of ‘Happiness is Here’ (a self-help book designed to help people take stock of the important things in life).

"Your brain needs regular breathers throughout your day,” says Susanna.

"People taking part in BrewDog Out of Office will find they come back into the office feeling happier and more productive. It’s also a great way to better connect with your colleagues and build more positive relationships with them."


Statistics also show that a measly 11% of staff are urged to escape the office over lunch – and this is what BrewDog are desperately trying to change.

"BrewDog is making a stand and putting our money where our mouth is, buying pints for the people to help them get away from their desks for a true break over lunch,” said James Watts, co-founder of the beer brand.

“BrewDog Out of Office encourages people to take back that hour that is rightfully theirs.”

To claim your cold ones, simply sign up at, grab a QR code, and show your ‘Out of Office’ message at the bar.

Choices include Punk AF, Nanny State, Punk IPA or Lost Lager.

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