Manchester City Council wants you to come up with names for eight new gritters

bilbobagweed / Flickr

Remember when we got the chance to name a polar research ship and we overwhelmingly voted in favour of RRS Boaty McBoatface?

Despite Boaty McBoatface topping the public vote, the vessel was named RRS Sir David Attenborough instead - although slightly annoying, it’s hard to be angry with anything that has Sir David’s name on it.

Well now’s our chance to have our say once again, and this time hopefully they’ll actually listen.

Manchester City Council is looking for names for eight new gritters, and want your help in picking some great titles for the vehicles.

If chosen, you’ll have the name printed on the gritters, so you best get your thinking caps on.

The council wrote on Twitter:

Manchester has 8 new gritters and they all need a name. Once the winning names are chosen we'll put them on the gritter. You never know, you might see your entry driving around. To enter, just send us your suggestion with the hashtag #mccGritterComp. Closing date is 6 December.

All you have to do is tweet your suggestion using the hashtag #mccGritterComp before December 6th.

As you can imagine, people have already been busy working on some ideas, and there’s some belters:

Any ideas? Get them in the comments and on Twitter for a chance to have yours chosen.

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