The Manc - The RSPCA is looking for Mancs to cuddle cats and rabbits"

The RSPCA is looking for Mancs to cuddle cats and rabbits

Just when you thought the dream job didn’t exist, the RSPCA hits you with this.

Their newly-opened Manchester and Salford branch posted up a list of volunteer roles, and it’s safe to say these will get filled quickly.

The centre posted the list of jobs on their Facebook, alongside the promise of ‘tea, biscuits and lots of cuddles’.

Ranging from Rabbit Socialiser to Cat and Dog Home Visitor and Weekend Receptionist, there’s a solid selection of volunteer jobs to choose from.

But the Volunteer Rabbit Socialiser and Cat Cuddler roles have to be the most desirable - literally spending the day cuddling cats and rabbits would be the ultimate stress reliever.

Other roles include the Volunteer Rabbit/Small Animal and Cat Care Assistant jobs, which would see you cleaning and feeding rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furballs, as well as cats.

You can also become a Volunteer Weekend Reception Staff member, or a Volunteer Cat/Dog Home Visitor - this is the role they’re most desperate to fill.

Volunteers will be given full training, and to apply simply contact the centre on email or ring them on 0161 737 660 - you'll also need to fill out an application form and complete a bit of online training (a small price to pay for your dream job, though).

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