The Manc - The top boss of Greggs has just turned vegan, obviously"

The top boss of Greggs has just turned vegan, obviously

Roger Whiteside

The top boss of everyone's favourite bakery has just turned vegan, in news that shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone as it's 2019 and you should just get over yourself already.

Roger Whiteside, chief executive of Greggs, is currently three weeks into his new diet, but admits the change hasn't come because of the bakery chain's recent vegan product success.

Nope, apparently it was Netflix documentary 'The Gamechangers' that managed to turn him to the green side and inspired him to ditch meat, milk and eggs.


Speaking about his new lifestyle, he said: "If you’d asked me three weeks ago which roll I preferred I would have said the original sausage roll, but I’m now attempting to live on a vegan diet."

"Obviously there are arguments based around animal welfare and the environment, but this was all about the health benefits, and I thought I should give it a go."

It was recently announced that Greggs won't just be stopping at the vegan sausage roll when it comes to expanding their meat-free range, so Mr Whiteside won't be stuck for choice if he ever gets peckish in one of his branches.

He announced his new diet after he was awarded this year’s North East Business Executive of the Year in Newcastle – which just happens to be the biggest Greggs hotspot in the UK.

We wish Roger the best of luck with his decision to eat healthier, but I'll be avoiding watching The Gamechangers this side of Christmas, thanks.

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