A giant inflatable maze of light and colour is coming to Manchester

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A giant inflatable luminarium is coming to Salford Quays next month and it looks like a treat for all of your senses.

The inflatable will appear as part of the Quays Culture Summer Festival and will be a 'sense of wonder' for all of its guests.

The structure, also named the Arboria, will have three main domes in which visitors can explore, with each one being up to ten metres high and dominated by one single colour.

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Architects of Air, the people behind the spectacle, who also designed the extremely popular Pentalum that came to Cheshire's Bluedot festival last year, will bring the Arboria to Salford as part of a free, four-day festival.

Quays Festival 2019, which takes place between May 30th and June 2nd this summer, will be littered with world class performers aimed to wow the crowd and will begin with the launch of the Arboria structure at the MediaCityUK Piazza.

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Also at the launch will be a tightrope walker who will walk a 200m tightrope across the quays, using only a pole for balance. Dance performances will also take place inside the luminarium during the festival, where you will also find a sound experience of forest and wildlife sounds.

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The Arboria will cover just close to 1000 square metres and will be a 'totally immersive experience' for all. The Quays Festival at Salford Quays will run between May 30th and June 2nd. So get yourself down with the family!

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