Giant animatronic dinosaurs and animals have arrived at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo’s latest exhibition looks like one not to miss, featuring 13 massive, moving predators from centuries past.

The enormous animatronic predators arrived at the zoo this week, ahead of the opening of what will be a world first display.

The giant robotic hunters were specially constructed for them in Texas, USA, before being shipped across the Atlantic and driven to the zoo on massive trucks.

Chester Zoo

The exhibit will star the infamous dire wolf – one of the most feared land predators of all time, and not just something from Game of Thrones – a giant 12-foot bear and a sabretooth tiger.

All the long-lost mega beasts will be on display for the first time when the zoo’s Predators exhibition makes it world premiere on Saturday May 25th.

Their new show will span 200 million years of history, and will feature eight super-hunters, as well as five terrifying life-sized dinosaurs.

Chester Zoo

The largest of the robotic models to arrive is the Megalodon, a giant species of shark which has been extinct for over two million years - they had mouths the size of a car.

Dom Strange, Director of Operations at Chester Zoo, said:

Seeing a 13 metre long snake staring back at you as you open a truck is not something any of our team will ever forget. Coordinating delivery of 13 life-sized super beasts was no mean feat for the team here, but now the animals have successfully crossed the Atlantic we can’t wait to unveil them to visitors.

Conservationists at the zoo hope that by showcasing these spectacular species in the exhibition they will highlight a more serious message - extinction.

The exhibition aims to show people the real threat of extinction that now looms over thousands of species across the globe, in a mission to help people understand that extinction is forever.

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is a conservation charity which fights to help prevent extinction for threatened species across the world - and as an added bonus every visit to the Predators exhibition will support the zoo in this mission.

Predators runs from May 25th until September 8th 2019. For more information and to book tickets, visit their website here.

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