There’s a party taking place below Concorde at Manchester Airport


Looks like Concorde is enjoying its retirement. 

The supersonic transporter was capable of travelling twice the speed of sound in its day... and the famous droop-nosed aircraft has seemingly turned to a party lifestyle following a 35-year career in the skies.

Concorde is the special guest at Manchester Airport on 25 April - parking up in a party hangar to enjoy a booming disco set curated by DJ Dan Shake.


Club Concorde: Party Under A Plane is an event promises a one-of-a-kind experience for attendees - with commercial aircraft taking off and touching down in the distance as the tunes ring around the makeshift venue.

True, this plane might have been exclusive in the past (even carrying The Queen on several occasions) but for one night only, Concorde is more accessible than ever.

Early bird tickets to the hangar party are £26.50, with the second release priced at £31.50. The first batch go on sale on 11 February and you can purchase them here.

The party takes off at 5pm and you won't have to come back down to earth 'til around 1am the next day.

Head over to the promoter's page to learn more.

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