There’s a silent disco tour of Manchester coming to the city

This article is sponsored by Itison.


It’s not uncommon to spot people dancing in Manchester.

Some of them are performers. Others are just roaring drunk.

But you don’t need to reserve a space on Market Street or knock back eight beers to throw shapes in the city centre anymore.


Silent Adventures - a silent disco tour company - give you free reign to pop, lock and shuffle through the city!

A lively host will lead you and your group through a warm-up session, hand you a pair of headphones, and encourage you to let loose with the best moves you can muster.

Word of warning: There'll be more than a few people gawping at you throughout the one-hour session.


You can grab discount vouchers for the tour with Itison right now and save up to 50%.

It’s £9 for one person, £15 for two, and £29 for groups of four.

Head over to Itison to book your spot and read all the terms and conditions.

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