Fans fume as Taylor Hawkins tribute concert tickets appear on resale sites for FOUR TIMES the price

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 17th June 2022

Fans are rightfully furious this morning as tickets for the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert are being flogged on resale sites for inflated prices.

The concert has been organised by Foo Fighters and the Hawkins family to pay tribute and honour the band’s late drummer, who died this spring.

An all-star line up of rock royalty will join members of the Foo Fighters to perform the songs that shaped his music career.

Tickets for the event this September went on sale this morning and sold out quickly.

But within an hour of tickets going on sale, fans noticed that they are already being listed on fan-to-fan resale sites for more than face value.


At the time of writing, seated tickets for the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert are being listed for as much as £419 each.

The face value tickets started from £85, going up to £120 for decent seats.


Fans are furious that people are trying to profit off the tribute concert, which is set to be an emotional evening in memory of one of rock music’s most respected musicians.

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One person said: “If you’ve bought tickets to the Taylor Hawkins tribute gig only to resell them for 4 to 5 times the price. You’re a piece of s**t.”


Another said: “HATE that @TicketmasterUK don’t have tickets but they do have resale tickets by “fans” costing £419! A fan wouldn’t sell their ticket immediately after buying it and at double the cost. This shouldn’t be allowed.”

Someone else asked: “Genuinely amazed to get Taylor Hawkins tribute tickets but how f***ing evil are people to resell immediately at insane prices.”

Another questioned: “What kind of tw*t buys Taylor Hawkins tribute tickets and puts them on resale immediately.”

One person pointed out that ‘ticket touting has ruined live music events’.

Featured image: Facebook, Taylor Hawkins