Noel Gallagher is recording an acoustic album ‘for the fans’ this year

He said, 'I’ve tried to make an acoustic album three times', and it sounds like he's finally sticking to it.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 21st January 2024

Noel Gallagher has revealed he is already back in the studio and recording a new acoustic album which he says is arriving this year and is going to be one “for the fans”.

Just over six months on from the release of the latest Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds record, Council Skies, the Britpop icon has confirmed he is making more new music and this time, he is strictly limiting himself to acoustic-only.

Speaking once again with radio presenter and friend Matt Morgan on his podcast, the rock and songwriting legend said, “I’m back in the studio – not rock, the acoustic stuff. I’m doing it for fans really.”

He also detailed that not only will there be solo stuff that he’s sat on for years, including early demos from when he first started the NGHFB project, but even an unrecorded track written back in the Oasis days. You have our interest, sir…

As reported by Music News, Gallagher went on to say: “I’ve had to take all the electronic equipment out of the studio… because I’ve tried to make an acoustic album three times, and every time (I’ve used electronics)… so it’s just acoustic instruments in the studio.”


“I’ve come up with working just with acoustic instruments, so instead of a bass, it’ll be a double bass — that way I can say, ‘I’ve made an acoustic album, but it’s used all acoustic instruments.’”

Joking that that won’t just be him “strumming a guitar with the same four chords and singing about the weather”, he touched upon acoustic being arguably the most unforgiving way of making tunes, adding: “It’s the essence of what every song is. There’s nothing you can do after that, you can’t f*** it up.”


The 56-year-old also once again played with the hypothetical of him and Liam getting back together and how making a new Oasis album knowing what he knows about writing now “would be a disaster”. He also got in a cheeky dig at his younger brother’s lyricism on his debut single with John Squire.

However, whether he likes it or not, perhaps the most interesting prospect about this upcoming album to most fans is the fact that it is said to include an old track he never got around to recording when the rock legends were still together.

“I’ve got a CD with six [acoustic tracks] on it already”, says Noel, “There’s a song called ‘God Help Us All’, which is an old song from another 2005, so when I was still in Oasis, but I never recorded it.


“There is a demo of it when a load of EPs came out; then there’s one that was bootlegged called ‘Just Let It Come Down Over Me‘, which is quite country. So, I’ll do that but the rest of it is all new stuff.”

He went on to add, “I’m looking forward to the challenge of seeing it through”, insisting that regardless of the style, “as long as the melody and lyrics are good, it’s good — once again reiterating that acoustic tunes tap into the very root of what the idea is.

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All we’ll say is that we are always excited to hear more from one of the greatest and most successful musicians to ever walk the planet, let alone from the UK or Manchester, specifically.

Better yet, not only are Noel and his High Flying Birds playing a massive gig in Wigan this summer but he has also announced that he will be on several huge artists taking part in this year’s series of Teenage Cancer Trust gigs are the Royal Albert Hall, bringing Blossoms along with him for the ride.

While we’re well off getting any kind of release date for this acoustic album, hopefully, we’ll get to hear at least a taster of it by then.


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