Councillor vows to catch culprit who put washing up liquid in Exchange Square fountain

"It's not even funny. It's just letting Manchester down."

The Manc The Manc - 3rd August 2021

A Manchester councillor has warned that the person found responsible for putting washing up liquid in the Exchange Square fountain will be “prosecuted”.

Images surfaced on social media this week showing the water feature overflowing with soap and bubbles in what appeared to be part of a prank.

Photographer Keith Andrew captioned the pictures with “Oh Manchester, never change… Somebody put washing up liquid in the Exchange Square fountain again” – but councillor Pat Karney failed to see the funny side.

The council member said the act was vandalism and that CCTV footage of the area would be reviewed in a bid to catch the culprit.

Pat Karney told the Manchester Evening News the person was “just letting Manchester down”.


“It’s not even funny,” he stated.

“The fountain is a nice attraction. We will prosecute, we’re not messing about.


“The warning is, if you vandalise the fountains and spoil the enjoyment or everybody else in Manchester, particularly in the nice weather, we will hopefully get you up in front of the courts.”

Featured image: Keith Andrew