The Manc Audio’s Top 5 music releases of the week

The best releases from the past week from some of our favourite Manchester artists.

Hannah Starkie Hannah Starkie - 23rd July 2021

In the week that COVID-19 restrictions have lifted and Manchester’s clubs and venues are beginning to buzz again, a flood of new music has arrived just in time!

With everything from indie-pop to jazz and soul, we’ve got a varied selection of tracks to share with you during the first edition of our brand-new weekly top 5 releases list.

So, in no particular order, find The Manc Audio’s pick of the bunch below – with a preview of our New Manchester Music playlist at the bottom.

Ceeow – Fadeaway 

In this crazy world, hip-hop artist Ceeow manages to maintain a calm and collected mantra, producing music that encourages mindfulness and positive energy.

His latest track ‘FADEAWAY’ is an indication of how his mind works.  


It’s uplifting, melting together hip-hop, jazz and chillwave under soft spoken lyrics that instantly put you in a better mood.

And we could all do with a bit of that right now, right? 


LayFullstop – Receipts 

LayFullsop looking into the camera wearing a red long-sleeve top.
LayFullstop is back with her first release of the year.

LayFullstop released her first track of 2021 this week, too.

‘Receipts’ layers her signature soulful vocals over jazz-style beats that are so easy to connect with and that’s what we love about Lay’s music. This one’s taken from her upcoming 12-track mixtape ‘STiR’ so there’s plenty more to come soon.  

It follows the success of her Cherries EP and stunning Colors show of 2019. And fresh off the back of her Manchester International Festival performance, she’s ready to show us what she’s been working on.  


Green Wire – Looking Back 

Indie-rock pop fusion newcomers Green Wire have dropped their debut single ‘Looking Back’ this week.

The track is intended to capture the pain and disappointment that creatives and the music industry have faced this past year-and-a-half and we’re pretty sure they’ve nailed it. 

After first meeting at the Manchester BIMM institute, the lads decided to pool their musical skills and influences to form something new. And in early 2021, Green Wire was their new direction. They’re only just getting started, but could be ones to watch this year. 

Foxglove – Birthday 

The Foxglove band members standing in front of a boarded up shop front.
Quirky band Foxglove have dropped another single this week.

Euphoric indie-pop four-piece Foxglove are back with new stuff.

‘Birthday’ is another example of how the band like to play around with ambient guitars and experiment with a spacey sound. The track is super lively and tells a story about growing up and learning life’s many lessons.


Fronted by lead vocalist Abi White, the band are fun and full of energy – the perfect tonic to life right now.

Catch them at Open Beat’s showcase at Off The Square on 30 October alongside Kosomauts and Kestrel Palace. Tickets available here.

The Mouse Outfit – Limelight 

‘Limelight’ is the new one from OneDa, Superlative and the rest of The Mouse Outfit crew.

The collective are known for their eclectic approach to making music, by teaming up with countless producers and musicians over the years to create something completely fresh each time. 

This latest one sees a collab with five rappers from across the UK, including Liverpool rapper Koj whose accent comes through strong amidst his effortless flow.


Have a listen to all the releases on our New Manchester Music Spotify playlist below. 

Featured image: Ceeow – credit @sseannewtonn/IG