A new female-led comedy about growing up in Manchester is coming to BBC Three this autumn

Peck'Eds is a celebration of what it truly means to grow up in this specific part of the country.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 9th September 2021

A new female-led BBC Three comedy series about growing up and navigating life in Manchester is hitting our screens this autumn.

Written by and starring Mancunian comedy writer Soph Galustian and produced by Jax Media, Peck’Eds is a female-led, coming-of-age, out-and-out comedy about the testing moments of growing up as a young, working class woman in South Manchester.

Based on lived experiences and real surroundings, it is also a celebration of what it truly means to grow up in this specific part of the country.

The show, which is directed by Bethan Seller – known for work on the Comedy Central sketch series Flaps – will follow the journey of Melissa (Galustian) and her group of best friends, Abbie (Hannah Donelon) and Naz (Leah Choudhry), to get a taste of true council estate, high school life – with everything from period troubles, to sexuality discoveries.

Peck’Eds is set to “blow the dust off these awkward memories and flood back feelings of nostalgia, womanhood and an extra-large portion of cringe.”


The show is Soph Galustian’s first television commission.

If you’re unfamiliar with Soph’s work, she a Mancunian comedy writer-performer of Armenian heritage, who making a huge impact for her self-produced sketches and spoken word pieces on social media that have amassed over 1.5 million views and praise from peers and industry names.


“Writing Peck’Eds has been so exciting for me,” Soph said of the series ahead of its release.

“The thought of creating something based on my own experiences and being able to film it in the exact spots that I grew up in, was truly magical. My upbringing will always play a huge part in my work and I hope that it shines a light on working class, northern voices.

“I am so proud of my background and where I come from. Us council estate lot know how to have a laugh, and that’s what Peck’Eds is all about – learning to make the best of what you’ve got.”

Peck’Eds is a celebration of what it truly means to grow up in Manchester / Credit: Instagram (@SophGalustian)

Molly Seymour – Producer and Head of Jax Media UK – adds: “Developing and producing Peck’Eds with Soph and the BBC has been a truly fantastic process [as] Jax focuses on telling stories we haven’t seen before, delivered in the funniest and most unique way [and] this is what Peck’Eds is.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating with Soph and the rest of the team on this original and brilliantly comedic show.”

Peck’Eds will air on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer this autumn.

Featured Image – BBC Three