Aldi is selling a Nerf tennis ball launcher for your dog


Heading out for a game of fetch in winter can feel like the biggest chore.

The wind is howling and the rain is swirling... but the dog is still tugging away at your trouser leg, begging to be taken to the park.

At least with Aldi's new product, walking your pooch in poor weather is much easier.

Instead of being forced to throw a muddy ball up and down a field over and over again, you can simply fire it out of a launcher.


The budget supermarket's Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Launcher lets you load up a tennis ball into a machine, pull the trigger, and blast it up to 50m in the air.

Bit easier, eh?

The Launcher also comes with three tennis balls and a hands-free pick up mechanism - so you won't have to get your fingers muddy.


Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Launcher is on sale at Aldi right now for just £10.99 - listed among the supermarket's January Specialbuys.

You can purchase it online here.

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