The Manc - Aldi shoppers threaten to boycott the supermarket over new changes to stores"

Aldi shoppers threaten to boycott the supermarket over new checkout system


Aldi shoppers are threatening to boycott the supermarket after the company's plan to introduce self-service checkouts in its stores across Britain.

The budget German supermarket's roll-out of these checkouts has not gone down well, even after an extremely successful trial in Staffordshire recently.

Speaking about the aforementioned success, an Aldi spokesperson said: “Following positive feedback, we’ve extended our trial of self-service checkouts to four more locations to further improve the customer experience.”


However, the gripes with the new addition are mostly centred around the negative effect that implementing self-service checkouts will have on staffing.

The Mirror reported today that one person on the Liverpool Echo's What's On page said: "Self service is taking away people's income and will be slower using a machine. No machine can go as fast as a Aldi till operator person."

While another said: "I wouldn't use them. Pay for staff checkouts a lot of us like a bit of chat with a real person not a machine."



The four stores earmarked for the new systems are Manchester Arndale, Woodgate in Leicester, Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire and Bedford.

And while we can't disagree with people's comments about keeping working class people in jobs, change and new checkout technology is inevitable – and as far as supermarkets go, Aldi is a little behind in this field.

What do you think about Aldi's decision to implement self service checkouts?

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