An American man just called Noel Gallagher ‘Neil’ twice on live telly

Well they're not going to reform now are they?

An American presenter has just called Noel Gallagher 'Neil' on live TV this morning.

That's correct. You heard us. NEIL.

Perhaps it was a slip of the tongue you know? A genuine mistake? He is from across the pond after all, but no. He proceeded to call him 'Neil' twice and no one bothered to correct him. On live television. They just let him ramble on.

It all happened on ITV's morning flagship programme 'This Morning' in a discussion over the potential reforming of Oasis for a one-off charity gig, following front man Liam Gallagher's now infamous tweet from yesterday.

It was big news, so it had to be talked about of course, but you just think that a little more fact checking wouldn't have gone a miss beforehand.

Inevitably, we weren't the only ones to notice this fumble. The internet, quite rightly, just couldn't handle it either.

AND of course, Liam's even had his say on it all too but to be fair, he probably loved it, didn't he?

We really bloody hope this won't stop the band getting back together, but one big question still remains and Manchester, it needs solving...

Who is Neil? Does anyone know Neil? What's Neil doing right now? Does Neil fancy reforming?

If you do know Neil, send us photos. He sounds like a lovely lad.

As you were, The Manc x

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