Bonfire Night: Fireworks literally frightened this dog to death


Bonfire Night 2020 is being touted as the most dismal and cheerless in living memory.

This year, the Guy Fawkes commemoration coincides with the same day England enters a second lockdown.

Instead of gathering in parks with huge crowds, people will be sat indoors facing the prospect of at least four more weeks of social restrictions.

But not even the arrival of another quarantine could make this Bonfire Night as bad as the last one at Dogs4Rescue.

It was exactly one year ago today that Winston – a pooch at the rescue centre – was so scared by the fireworks crackling around him that he suffered a heart attack.

The “gentle giant” was “literally frightened to death”.

Reflecting on the tragedy, Dogs4Rescue reps stated: “Winston and the rest of the dogs had been kept in for the night and let out for last toilet after midnight long after the fireworks should have finished.

“Someone thought it okay to let off more fireworks off causing panic. They all came running back in except for our big gentle giant who had hidden under the decking and suffered a heart attack.”

The rescue centre said they still feel the “pain and anger” from this “senseless loss” one year on, and now they are campaigning for people to reconsider setting off fireworks.

“Please think of the animals and stop buying fireworks,” they posted on their social media page.

“This monetary pleasure of a home display cost Winston his whole life.”

You might be thinking about setting off some of your own fireworks this Bonfire Night.

But before you do – please stop and remember Winston.

Learn more about the incredible support work being done at Dogs4Rescue here.