The Manc - Greater Manchester Police are shutting down Piccadilly Gardens"

Greater Manchester Police are shutting down Piccadilly Gardens

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Piccadilly Gardens will close to the public following mass gatherings despite UK lockdown.

Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council has announced that they are working together to close Piccadilly Gardens to the public.

After public gatherings of more than two people have been banned, the city centre public space is set to close following groups of people still having to be dispersed by the police, despite the UK being placed into lockdown amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Speaking live on BBC Radio Manchester this afternoon, Chief Inspector Ian Hopkins, said: "I have asked my team to work with Manchester City Council today to close Piccadilly Gardens".

"Why can't we use heras fencing, get it all closed down?"

"It's a public space, other public spaces are closed down".

He continued: "It will disperse some of the issue, it will enable us to deal with the crime in a different way, because we can't be running to Piccadilly Gardens every two minutes arresting people".

Piccadilly Gardens is a well known area for antisocial behaviour, with groups of people often gathering to drink when the weather turns warmer

It has not yet been confirmed as to when the gardens will shut.

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